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Welcome one and all to the Mystic Legends website! This here site is a place where fans of video games and comics can come together to enjoy themselves. I know I'm not the first to use the title "Mystic Legends", but no one really minds that much right?

For the record, this site is still under construction as I try to get better with web design. It's not my main route, but it'd be nice to get better at this. I think I'm being limited by how old my Dreamweaver program is at the moment. I need to consider upgrades, and soon... hopefully.

Until then though, have reading the comics!




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Disclaimer: Mystic Legends, written and produced by Nuke and Cybie, is not endorsed in any way by Nintendo, Sega, Konami, Capcom, (etc) and/or any of its affiliates. Mystic Legends is not trying to infringe on Nintendo's, Sega's, Konami's, Capcom's, (etc) copyrighted material, which includes Mario, Sonic, Dark Magician Girl, Megaman, and all the characters from the various videogame/anime series present in these comics, or take business away from Nintendo, Sega, Konami, Capcom, (etc). It's just a comic strip for entertainment value. Mystic Legends is also not trying to rip off other sprite rippers and custom design artists in any way, shape, or form. Please don't resort to violence if you see any sprites/backgrounds that you may have ripped or custom made in these comics.

Any and all personal information collected from the readers, whether through polling, message board posts, chat room posts, emails, and/or simple visitations will never be used maliciously and will always be kept private and never distributed by any member of the Mystic Legends Staff.

In other words, this comic strip is just for fun and parody and I hope no one gets upset over my use of Mario, Sonic, Dark Magician Girl, Megaman and/or other characters from the various videogames present in the comics. Many of these game series such as Mario Bros, Megaman, and Zelda are very good series, and I recommend that you pick up and play them. I hope that by reading Mystic Legends, it reminds people how much fun videogames and anime are, and they go out and play them and/or watch them.

This comic is for entertainment purposes only and not to be taken internally. Please consult a physician before use.

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General News

Message Update:  Sunday May 8, 2016

Wait. I'm alive? For realz!?

Yes, I'm still here, ha ha. Still though, 2016 and STILL no new updates to my website in terms of the comic? I wish I could say I was working on some huge secret project here, but quite frankly, I've just been BUSY with all sorts of other things. In particular, my job life. I ended up suffering quite a bit in the job world and I've been focused on getting back on track on that world, so that I don't end up suffering to the point of not even being able to afford my food bills. Speaking of updates, this website is now SERIOUSLY due to for an upgrade in the HTML coding and web design department, due to the advances of the Dreamweaver program and all that. I know I could just start hard coding the website from here on, but I hate having to hard code when I don't have to. It takes way longer to build a website that way IMO. I know why hard coding exsits and why it's important for game designers and web designers to understand it, but programs like Dreamweaver exist for a reason. That said, there's one other big offender as to why I haven't updated in a long time... Final Fantasy XIV. The first MMO I've ever played to actually draw my attention away from both other free time things and EVEN OTHER VIDEOGAMES to the point of which each time I now type "/playtime" into the chat window of FFXIV, I make myself sad. D:

Speaking of Final Fantasy, anyone looking forward to FFXV? I say it's about bloody time we got that game. Lets hope it doesn't pull a Duke Nukem forever on us. That also said, I haven't posted any videogaming related news in quite some time, but I'm too late on most of that stuff now anyway. To sum it up, Cloud Strife in SSB4, Bayonetta in SSB4, Star Fox Zero, Star Ocean 5, TMNT: Turtles in Manhattan, and more I don't feel like listing here right now.

I'd like to talk more about it, but instead, I have something more important to bring up. It concerns this website. For some odd reason, all the search engines are now blacklisting this website, and it's annoying me greatly. I did a manual check with some help to see if the webpages got hacked in some means, but I turned up NOTHING on that. I'm tempted to call up Google to run another scan on this website to figure out why they think this website has malware on it, but I'm going to try and fix this with a particular strategy first. I've taken down every HTML file from this website and re-uploaded them all. I've also removed certain images that were linked in from other sites due to not being availabe anymore or for other reasons. Lets see if that does anything. As such, changes were made to some of the pages. "Forum Pictures", "Art Gallery", and "Gamertags" were all stripped down for now. The "Forum" button now just leads to my Capcom Unity profile, since a new Mystic Legends forum still hasn't been made yet. My own Gamertags (including my FFXIV profile) are now found here on the main index page along with the news.

More details about why Mystic Legends hasn't updated will be posted at some point down the road with an actual new comic update. It'll mostly NOT be related to what's going on with this website as of right now.

Friday June 17th EDIT: Took me awhile to notice, but fixed a broken link in the Affliates box.

Message Update:  Saturday, December 28, 2013

At this point, all I can do is apologize for making you guys wait this long.

I'm sorry.

With that out of the way, I should probably explain what the hell I've been doing this whole time:

As you may have noticed, I updated the main index again, including putting up a new title picture. This is an area I've actually become increasingly concerned about. I've taken web page design classes (college intro classes only at the moment) to try and get better at this stuff. I learned about a nifty feature known as "floats" and wanted to apply that to my main website. Unfortunately, either from an update or simply because my current version of Dreamweaver is too old, I can't seem to get the same effect that I got with my college project. This leaves me concerned about how much knowledge I have in Web Design. I knew I had a lot to learn, but yeesh.

I'm also concerned about how good I am at art these days. I'm actually getting rather tired of working at my current level. If my later episodes are of any indictation, I've been trying new things to keep myself going, and hopefully the new things I experiment with will help improve my art style and make things more exciting for me. Progress has been rather slow in that field though. I'm beginning to think I should find a college art teacher now, but there's so many different kinds of art that I wouldn't even know where to start there. I'm aiming for Anime style art myself, and it's the hand drawn style I'd like to make for the Mystic Legends series. (Animated scenes included)

Finally, there's the HUGE breakdown that occured at ATLF about 3 years ago that left me stunned for about a year and a half. I had almost reached the point of where I said similar lines to a guy in a Newsground video called "The man who won't rhyme". Thankfully, I've mostly recovered from that, and I learned a few very important things about dealing with people/fanbases on the internet because of that.

Those 3 factors combined lead me to a screeching halt on making comic updates. I was suddenly concered that I just wasn't good enough anymore. Something of which I never took the time to really think about before. And before I knew it, I lost sight of why I started the comic in the first place. That reason being that... well... it's fun. Getting better is just part of the road of making a comic, and I'm never going to get better if I don't try right? And so here we are, with a new comic update... finally. It's not a main episode though, but a special one I made for Megaman fans and Capcom Unity, a forum I'm typically seen at these days.

And with that, lets get videogame news out of the way!

First off, I'm late to say these things, but the returning vets Zelda, Marth, AND Sonic have been confirmed for SSB4. And speaking of characters, who here is excited for the newcomer addition of Rosalina? I wasn't expecting her, and I seriously underestimated her popularity, but I'm SO trying her when I get the game.

Cranky Kong being playable in the new Donkey Kong Country game took me by surprise.

... and I think that's all I wanted to say, lol. Nothing new on Tales of Xillia 2. ... and for that matter, pretty much all the new games I want now are coming out in 2014. There's only 2 games left from this year that I want, but I've been biding my time on, which would be The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and Assassin's Creed 4.

Message Update:  Sunday, June 16, 2013

Blarg, I still haven't gotten around to fixing this website. Anyway, I just wanted to cover E3 2013 this year. Quite a few games I'm interested in were revealed this year, making this one of the more exciting years of E3 for me. Lets start shall we?

Coming out for the X-box 1:

Dead Rising 3
Ironically, the only game on the X-Box 1 that I'm really interested in right now. No where near enough to convince me to get an X-Box 1 yet. Not with the practices that Microsoft has going for their new console at least. But hey, new Dead Rising game! Yay!

Coming out for multiple platforms:

Metal Gear Solid 5
I'm willing to argue that this is the best looking Metal Gear game to date. Open world experience? Hell yes!

Assassin's Creed 4
I've always been interested in the Assassin's Creed games. This one is no different.

Watch Dogs
This game looks like a cross between Grand Theft Auto and... well... hacking. Your character in this game is such a pro hacker that the whole city itself is practically under his command.

Batman: Arkham Origins
Batman's very first adventure apparently in the Arkham series. Looks promising, especially since as bonus content, you can play as Deathstroke himself.

Final Fantasy 15
Final Fantasy Versus 13 lives on under a new title now. Appearing for both X-Box One and PS4

Kingdom Hearts 3
What so many KH fans have been waiting for. The next console game of Kingdom Hearts is now finally in the works. Oh? Why is this under the multi section? If I've been reading the news correctly, this game will be out for both the PS4 AND the X-Box One. I know right? Kinda scary that Kingdom Hearts is getting an X-Box release.

Coming out for the PS3:

Tales of Xillia
Surprised they went and showed a new trailer for this game at E3. It was awesome though.

Coming out for the Wii U/3DS:

Mario Kart 8
Always been a fan of the Mario Kart series. And this one even introduces HOVER VEHICLES!

Super Mario World 3D
A 3D Mario game that has 4 player co-op? Sign me up!

New Yoshi's Island
Was wonder when we'd have a new devoted Yoshi game. It's the return of Baby Mario though...

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
A sequel to the first one on the Wii? Awesome. So what have they... IS THAT DIXIE KONG!? HOLY COW, SHE'S BACK!

I can't help but think this is Xenoblade Chronicles 2. But eh...

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Two Worlds
An actual sequel to Link to the Past? SIGN ME UP!

And of course... what EVERYONE was waiting for...

Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U
It's finally revealed... The next installment of Super Smash Bros. And as such, character speculation begins to run rampant again! Also... MEGAMAN CONFIRMED!

End of list.

Once again, Nintendo has snagged the majority of my interest. That's two years in a row you've won me over Nintendo. Special thanks to that X trailer and Super Smash Bros.

Also, I feel the need to point out that I've finally uploaded a play video on my Youtube channel. It was just to show something off to a Capcom Unity member, but if it interests you guys, let me know if I should upload more playthrough videos. I'll try to remember to push the record button every time I pop on a game that I can record.

Message Update:  Saturday, June 8, 2013

Let me just say it here and now. No. I'm not dead, lol. I'm making an update today to let you guys know that. However, my writer's block has gotten stronger than I thought it would. To the point of which it was practically almost a full year before I made another update to this website! Sheeesh. ... also, sorry, but no new comic today. I was just updating today to let you guys know that I'm still alive and kicking. Besides which, I've got so much news to talk about today, that today's news update should be enough for now.

So... to start things off, lets cover my work life. I've been in college lately, as I said I would be in the last news update. As one might expect, being in college really puts a damper on comic updates. A good chunk of the time I used to have is now being spent on college work. I've been meaning to update this website for quite some time now in all of that with not just a new comic update, but a slight overall to the main index making use of the new knowledge I learned from my Web Programming college class. (Introduction class to be precise, but I still learned new things I can apply to this website now) To top it off, I've still got a full-time job. Full-time job + College = Lots of my time soaked up by work. So when I DO get free time, I tend to spend that on just forum browsing and games these days. (I've still got games I want to complete. More news on videogames further down this news update) So it might be awhile longer yet before I finally get a new comic update in. But my work life isn't the only thing holding me back lately...

It's also my low self-esteem issues that have been holding me back lately. Reinforced from my time at the forum ATLF, which considering the things that happened over there, they may as well have just robbed me. I left a detailed rant about why I've come to despise ATLF so much as of late over at Capcom Unity via a blog post. Read it here.

And with that said... now for the videogame news.

I have LOADS of news to talk about here. First off, when the comic updates stopped coming around June 2012, it was because I recently got distracted by an MMO I was trying out that I REALLY came to like. It's called "Dungeon Fighter Online". It was the only MMO game I've played to date so far that used sprites over 3D models. It was also really fun combat wise because just about every skill could be executed as though you were playing a Fighting game. Want to throw out a sword wave? Quarter forward on the control stick + B! You get the rest. Of course, there was the usual hotkey routine too, so you could execute moves with just a push of a button too.

For those thinking of joining though... don't bother. Come 2013, an announcement was made... that DFO is closing down. (At least, the servers for North America) The world came crashing down for pretty much every player there, including me and Cybie, who had just gotten one of our characters on our accounts to level 70 not that long ago, which is the level cap of the game. All those hours we spent... now wasted... In Cybie's case, he even got a second character to level 70. (He spent even more time at the game then me, I swear. And he STARTED later than me) But the moment he got his second character to level 70, that's when he noticed the chatter in the text box. That's how we learned that the game's life was coming to a close. So in the near final moments of the game's life, which will end come the 11th THIS MONTH, I took a screenshot of my favorite characters on my account.

This isn't even all of them. I'm seriously going to miss these guys. You can even see the Archmage I got to the level cap in there. DFO players did get reimbursed their NX credit though (if they spent any) so that they could spend it on other Nexon published games. I turned my attention to Vindictus for awhile on that matter. But that game isn't as addicting to me as the one I'm about to mention...

Right now, my MMO game of focus is the game "Elsword". (I made it a rule to myself to only focus on so many MMO's at once, as they tend to require grinding for EXP every now and then) I even made the "Legionnaires" guild in that game, for fans of the Mystic Legends comic, and even non-fans, lol. So if you've been looking to game with me, try looking for any of these characters down below while playing Elsword.

*Pictures removed due to dead links*

This list is prone to updates. At least 3 more characters will get added along the way at some point.

And that's just covering the MMO news. As for regular games, I've been heavily distracted by Borderlands 2 again thanks to the new character update. I've still yet to complete the latest Army of TWO game. I've still got to finish all the new seasons in Halo 4.... and then there's the new upcoming games this August. If my memory serves correctly, 2 games I want to play are coming out in June this month, and 2 games I want to play are coming out this August too, the first of them being Tales of Xillia. Here's the list:

1: Project X Zone
2: Deadpool

1: Tales of Xillia (First in line)
2: Saints Row 4

I'm also still heavily distracted by Fire Emblem Awakening on my 3DS. Best... Fire Emblem... game... ever if you ask me. Quick question for you viewers! Who'd you have YOUR avatar character marry? I went and had my avatar marry Nowi, for the sake of having a powerful dragon family, rawr!

There's also other upcoming games for us to look forward too. Anyone psyched for news on the next installment of Super Smash Bros? Nintendo has confirmed that we'll be finally getting official news of the new SSB game at this years E3, so there's that. It's also only a few days away from today's udpate. GET HYPE!

Lastly, this bit of news was probably the most shocking one to date. Hey you Hatsune Miku fans out there! Yeah, the fans of this girl:

How many of you people believed that her games would remain Japan only games? Raise your hands.

... well, Sega just made a huge surprise announcement not too long ago. Well I'll be damned, they're actually localizing one of her games! Project Diva F (the enhanced edition if I recall) is coming to the USA for the PS3! I know a certain friend of mine who's probably going to squeal over this news.

... and I think that's it for now. Again, I'm not dead, lol. Just... been busy. As for Mystic Legends itself... well... I hope I'll be getting a comic update in soon. Maybe. We'll see.

EDIT: It appears the latest update to the main webpage caused it to get seriously messed up. Another reason to get around to adjusting the main index on the next update..,

EDIT 2: Derp, must get my facts straight. Deadpool and Project X Zone are coming out THIS month. Not August.

Message Update:  Saturday, June 23, 2012

... wow. 76 days without an update. Man, I'm slacking. So much so, that I've got MASSIVE amounts of news to cover now. We'll start with the video game news before I move on to the really big news.

First off, DC Universe Online. While I haven't been playing it much lately, I do have 9 character slots to work with all filled and raring to go for those who want to play with me. I'd post information, but this post is going to be long enough as is. Perhaps I'll get the information up upon next update, when I don't have much in the way of news.

Next, Tales of Graces F. I'm still playing this as I've still got stuff to unlock. No. Seriously. There's A LOT to do in this game. While I'm at it, I should mention the same of Dragon's Dogma. They keep adding new quests for each and every New Game + I make. Blarg, it's my third run through. And may very well be my last for awhile... at least until they finally add a bunch of new content. Finally, for Dragon's Dogma, if you see a pawn by the name "Pearl" while playing the X-box version of the game, it's most likely my pawn. Have fun using her.

Next is something revealed at this year's actually kinda boring E3. Gears of War: Judgement. Being a Gears of War fan, I'm looking forward to what they're doing with this. Here's some videos.
Reveal Trailer
New Multiplayer Stuff!

Project X Zone is another game I'm really looking forward too, but so far, there's no confirmation that it'll be coming over to the USA. Meaning it's very likely going to be another one of those "No Export for you" games. :(

Fire Emblem Awakening however DOES have an official USA release date... sort of. We have to wait until 2013 for that game. For those who don't know, Fire Emblem Awakening will be the first ever CROSS OVER Fire Emblem game. What this means is that various Fire Emblem characters from ALL the previous Fire Emblem games will be in. (I doubt all, but at least a small handful from the past games will appear) Don't believe me? Micaiah from Radiant Dawn has a new look she'd like to show you. Marth and Roy will also be appearing in the game, the same two that first appeared in SSBM in the USA. Ike will also be present in the game. God, it's like Fire Emblem fanboy heaven. Wait! I'm not quite done yet. Did I mention that YOU yourself are involved in the game? Yes! I said it and I meant it! Remember Fire Emblem 7? The game with Lyn, Eliwood, and Hector? In that game, you could actually create yourself as the commander of the army. But... that was all your guy did in that game. Here in Fire Emblem Awakening, it returns in full force, with MANY upgrades. Now, instead of just sitting on the sidelines giving commands, YOUR created character will also be on the battlefield, fighting the enemies! ... ... oh, and that also means you can die. Finally, before moving on, your character's gender actually does make a difference in what support conversations you can have with the other characters. You can get the main starting character "Krom" if your created character is a female. Speaking of, your character can literally get anyone on the playable character list, so long as your character is of the opposite gender of the character in question. Yes, your created character is a chick/dude magnet, your gender deciding which sex you'll attract.

And finally, while it's actually movie related, there's a new upcoming movie for November that I REALLY want to see. ... ... look, before I start talking about it, just watch the trailer first.

Wreck it Ralph

... am I seeing things? A Disney movie about videogames in general!? *Commence squee moment* I... AM... HYPED! I've never been hyped for a movie before, but this movie has my interest. Even more so than the Avengers movie, and I LOVED that movie. To put it in as short of a way as possible, "Wreck it Ralph", to me, is basically the website "Battle of the Videogame Heroes" in glorified movie format! *Commence squee moment again* I've heard people comparing it to "Roger Rabbit" as well, which makes sense considering what "Roger Rabbit" was about. (For those who don't know what Roger Rabbit was about, look it up online yourself) There's plenty of forums raving about it right now, including Capcom Unity, which I happen to frequent. Speaking of Capcom, some Capcom characters are confirmed already, including Chun-Li from Street Fighter. (Not seen in the trailer, but picture proof showed up revealing her in one scene from the movie) Seeing as how it's a movie about videogames in general, the number of cameos and scenes they could make via having access to every series is almost numberless. Master Chief with Samus in the same scene? Very possible indeed. How about Bowser with Ganondorf? I could go on about this, but I'll stop for now.

And... actually, that didn't take as long as I thought it would. But now... for the BIG news... ... I'm headed off to College finally. Starting August, my classes begin. Here's to hoping I can manage those classes and work at the same time. I'm stuck in programming classes, since that's about the only classes I really want to get into at the Anoka Technical College. There's no classes in fine arts over there, so I guess I'll have to pick up some other means of really learning how to draw. Maybe I should just buy a stylus for my computer and start... drawing. Maybe get some tips from popular animators around Newsgrounds, DeviantArt, and such.

Finally, as part of the big news, I want to take the time to talk about Mystic Legends, and how things have evolved over the past 9 years. (Almost 10 now) Yes, ladies and gentlemen. This series/comic has been around for about 9 years now, and over that period of time, I've learned A LOT. Like what you should and shouldn't do in a comic. But there's more to it then that. Just from being a maker of a sprite comic, I've also learned a lot about how the internet itself functions. I'm not going to lie. One of the biggest reasons why I've never bothered to advertise my series a lot is because of how fickle the internet is in general. Seriously, there are trolls everywhere. And all it takes is a few rotten apples to to make a series go rotten, (In terms of the fanbase) as many OFFICIAL series have proven. (Megaman, My Little Pony, etc) Granted, I already knew for fact that I wouldn't be able to please everyone, but the time I spent at ATLF has taught me that, like I said already, a few rotten apples is all it takes to set an entire forum in flames. Even if you barely say anything, and even if you do everything you can to remain calm, it doesn't change the fact that humanity is a very fickle, chaotic species. In other words, no matter what I do, no matter how much better I get at making my comic, there'll ALWAYS be critics thinking I'm doing everything wrong. (Just look at how much abuse Capcom has been taking lately if you need an example) Now, I'm not saying I'm flat out ignoring the people who think I need to improve here and there, because... you never know. Perhaps the said person is right. So I read anyway, even if it's something I'm probably not going to enjoy reading. From there though, I have the power to determine if what the person said is right, or if I should flat out ignore him/her. Balancing the two choices isn't easy either, as we all have our own opinions on what's correct and what isn't. The only time I ever start ignoring someone is when all they ever do is complain about every tiny little thing I do. (See ATLF for examples. Hell, they created an imageboard, a place of which I never dropped a single comment on) In short, I just don't consider myself good enough to be... getting out there you know? Maybe it's just my crippling low self-esteem talking, but I don't think I should ever try to set foot into the big world of artists. I don't see myself surviving out there in my current state.

One of the sad facts I've discovered about being a comic artist, no matter what you do for making a comic, is that in order to survive, you HAVE to be a bit of a jerk. I'm not talking about lashing out at people either. I mean as in denying requests, either by telling the person or flat out ignoring them. I... I've noticed I've been doing that lately myself. I'm always looking for ways to improve, but that doesn't mean I'm going to bend to every single request/complaint that comes my way either. I believe someone at DeviantArt even once said something along these lines: "Listening to the people is a good way to improve yourself. But if you listen to them TOO much, and your work ultimately becomes something you never originally invisioned in the first place, then stop listening to them." What that generally means is that you can't allow the viewing audience to take control of your work. After all, it's YOUR comic/flash. If you're no longer building your work from your own heart, then where's the pleasure that YOU get out of it? (And I speak in terms of your drawings and comic construction being a hobby. If it's your JOB, then that's a different story altogether)

Long story short, being an artist/programmer really sucks actually. Not so much in the fact that it takes time out of your day to make something, but because of the viewing audience, and how often they clash against you and each other over how things in your series should proceed. Something about this humanity chaos really... depresses's me, to say the least. Alas... there's nothing I can do about it though. Trolls will forever haunt the internet. For some trolls, it's like they actually try to make a living out of it. I can see why SOPA and ACTA tried stepping in to do something about it, but they were taking things too far, even for my tastes. I guess I just have to suck it up and keep working on the comic, because there really is no way to please everyone.

In quote to Bill Cosby: "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

Older News Posts

Game Tips

Star Ocean: The Last Hope
A "Semi Effective" way of Checking AR

Anyone who's played Star Ocean knows there's no true way to actually check your relationship status with your crew, but there IS one way to make a semi accurate assumption to how well Edge is getting along with his teammates, along with how they're getting along with each other.

First off, enter a battle where you know there's no way the enemy can beat you, period. (In other words, they can't even beat if you just stand there and take hits) Auto Healing is a good battle skill to equip for this case to make sure your party can never fall by the enemy's hands. Be sure that you brought 20x Self Destructor 3000's with you. Now that you've entered battle, have the enemies focus on attacking one particular party member, and let that party member focus on blocking all the attacks by just standing still. Don't forget to make sure that all of your party members are set to "manual" control. That way, none of them will move unless they're under your command. Once the enemies are focused on a particular member, have that party member go to a corner of the map, making sure the enemies follow that party member. (The battle skill "Taunt" will help with this) Now, choose which particular party member you wish to blow up with a Self Destructor 3000. I'll even give you guys an example here and go through this step by step.

Lets go with Edge, seeing as how he's highly involved in many of the "support conversations" of the game. Take command of Edge and have him throw a Self Destructor 3000 on himself. Assuming he doesn't survive via "Fury", (Retain 1 HP instead of being KO'd) Edge will instantly go down. The moment Edge falls, look closely at how the Rush Gauges of your surviving party members go up. Pausing the game via opening the battle menu the very moment Edge goes down will help with this. Lets say you have Reimi, Meracle, and Myuria out at this time. Did you see the way the ladies Rush Gauges filled the moment Edge got KO'd? How much those Rush Gauges fill all depend on the "AR Points" the two particular members have with one another. I'm assuming that the number of Rush Points the surviving party members get equals the number of AR they have with said particular party member here. For my own example, Reimi's Rush Gauge went up by 41 points, Meracle's went up by 40, (lol, wow. My Meracle almost likes Edge as much as Reimi) and Myuria went up by 30 points. You can repeat this process with the other party members too. As just another quick example, after resurrecting Edge with Myuria, I had Meracle toss a Self Destructor 3000 on herself. Edge's Rush Gauge went up by 33 points. (Huh. I guess Edge doesn't think of Meracle as much as she thinks of him. I expected that though really)

Bear in mind that the characters have a change of becoming "enraged" over a party member being KO'd, which will result in their rush gauge topping off at 100% instantly. If that happens, you'll just have to wait until their rush gauge drops back to 0 (or whatever number you think is low enough) before you have that same particular member who blew himself/herself up... blow himself/herself up again. Twice IN A ROW, the cat girl Meracle became enraged over Edge being KO'd, in which both times she said "EDGE! WHY!?" She has other lines for when Edge or another party member falls, but I don't remember them word for word... especially since my party doesn't get KO'd very often. (Except when I tried taking on some of those optional bosses. Good lord, some of those optional bosses are absolute beasts at my current party's level)

Gears of War 2
How to Easily Survive the Hoard

Eh?  Tips on how to survive the hoard?  I bet many of the hardcore players looking at this will be disgusted and ignore my tips.  But I’m going to do this anyway.  :P

First off, choose your stage to be Jacinto.  That’s right, Jacinto.  Next, go to one of the farthest corners of the map, where the only way you can leave is in one direction, up a flight of stairs.  You’re probably wondering why you want to trap yourself in a corner.  The reason?  So that the hoard CAN’T surround you.  The Locust can only spawn in areas AWAY from where your general squad is.  Which means if you hide in one of the 2 corners, the Locust can only come at you in one way, and your entire squad has guns pointed in that direction.  Can you say… concentrated fire?  This makes clearing out the hoard easier, but longer.  Why longer?  Because you have to let the hoard come to you, not the other way around.  Come to think of it, why would you CHARGE a HOARD of dangerous enemies anyway?  You know you’re going to get shot down right?  Let the hoard come to you in small portions.  They won’t know what hit them.

If you ever REALLY need to re-stock on ammo, and you aren’t getting enough ammo from the dead Locust you kill, then… once you’ve thinned down the Locust to about at LEAST 5 left, go ahead and get to the middle.  Just be sure to charge back to one of the 2 corners if you kill the Locust while you’re over there.  Otherwise, you’ll have Locust spawning in your hiding location, and that’s bad, because that means you’re now surrounded.  Speaking of which, NEVER LEAVE THE CORNER AND GO PAST THE FLIGHT OF STAIRS!  If you do, Locust could spawn behind you, and that would cause you and your team a bit of a headache.

Fire Emblem:  Radiant Dawn
Selective Leveling up

More tips around leveling up.  Why?  Because it works a bit differently in this game.  When you level up your units back at base with bonus EXP in this game, they ALWAYS get a 3 point level up.  No more, no less.  (As I’ve discovered thus far) In order for true random level ups to occur, you must level up through battle.  So what do you do with the bonus EXP?  Still hand it out that’s what, but not enough to level up the unit.  Give them enough bonus EXP so that they have 99 EXP before entering battle.  Now I just want to be clear on this before you move on, THIS TRICK WORKS BEST ONLY ON EASY AND NORMAL DIFFICULTY SETTINGS.  Why?  Because you have access to the battle save feature on these 2 modes.  You DON’T have access to it on hard mode.

Ok, so you’ve started the mission with a bunch of units who have 99 EXP.  This means that no matter what action they take (save for using an item or just moving around), they’ll level up.  Quickly make a Battle Save before you charge in to an enemy.  Watch the battle and level up.  It’ll be complete random unlike back at base.  Don’t like the level up?  Reset, restart with the Battle Save you made, try again.  Still no luck?  Rinse and repeat.  But don’t get too picky in the level ups, or you’ll take forever.  Just look for the increase in stats the character needs most.  (Like how sages need defense and strength) Also, try to go for 4 point level ups or higher with this trick, but again, don’t be too picky.

What if the character has capped near most of his/her stats?  That means you can’t be as picky anymore, as less points will be rewarded per level up.  But here’s a neat trick for you.  What if the character has only 3 stats left that he/she can level up?  Instead of leveling up via battle, use the bonus EXP back at base to score a 3 point level up every time, with those particular stats!  Nifty no?


Fire Emblem:  Path of Radiance
Selective Leveling up

While in your base, it’s possible to have limited choice on how your units level up when they’re set to level up random stats.  Simply give your units their bonus EXP that you get from completing your missions and level them up with that bonus EXP.  When that happens, watch carefully on what they level up.  If they level up a way you don’t like, simply reset the game.  (Save your game before you level up anyone with bonus EXP) If they do level up they way you want them to level up, save your game, then return to the bonus EXP menu.  By doing this, it’s possible to get units with crazy stats that they aren’t really supposed to be good at like a Swordmaster with 22 defense points or a General with 25 speed.