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Message Update:  Saturday, December 31, 2011

New episode update for today for New Years Eve. Also, stick around for the 12:00 AM release of the New Year episode itself. Yep, I'm going to be pulling that off. Cause I just want to celebrate the New Year the moment it arrives tonight m'kay?

Also, I feel the need to point out Mario's Castle Collab 2. It got release not all that long ago. WATCH IT! NOW! You'll LOVE the final scene.

Bah, I've still got a bit of a wait on me for Tales of Graces F though. Won't be out until March 2012.

Message Update:  Friday, December 23, 2011

AHH! Over a month since the last update! ... hey, I warned you guys about the lack of updates didn't I? Well, I'm now back on track for a bit here. I've got a new episode up today, and I'll hopefully have a Christmas special episode up that I've been planning for quite some time. And then maybe a new episode on New Years. We'll see about the last one though.

I've been having too much fun on Skyrim lately. I got in my new custom built computer not all that long ago, and it is MUCH faster than my previous one. Having an Intel 7 really helps with that.

Finally, how's everyone doing on the new "Heroes & Heralds" mode for everyone who has UMvC3? What faction are you playing for? Are you fighting for justice? Or are you attacking the earth? If you ask me, Heroes & Heralds mode reminds me of Planetside actually. In online play, you get multiple people assigned to each team, and then those said teams duke it out constantly for total control of a region. That said, every character on the roster now has a "Herald" color to them. Felicia... looks a bit funky under the Herald color scheme. Two picture references below to compare, with the left picture being her original appearance, and the right picture being her when she's serving Galactus:

As I said earlier, personally, she looks kind of funky when serving Galactus if you ask me. That, and it doesn't make sense either. She doesn't want to hurt anyone, and so she really wouldn't care about having cosmic power.

Message Update:  Sunday, November 13, 2011

As the quip to my latest episode says, this may very well be the last episode update for awhile now. I figured I'd get in one more episode before the game craze and possible college craze begin. Seriously, come this Tuesday, Assassin's Creed Revelations, Saints Row: The Third, AND Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 all come out at once. To top it off, Skyrim is already out. So as soon as you're finished reading the latest comic update... get off your chair, go pick up a copy of Skyrim, and start playing it. It's awesome dude!

Message Update:  Monday, November 7, 2011

Whoa! A little over 3 weeks since the last update! I'm LATE! I'M LATE! And that's especially true for the first bit of news. The UMvC3 news.

By now, you guys have likely already seen them, and I have too. But for those who haven't, the last four characters have been revealed. The first two to be revealed for this news were:


Phoenix Wright (A LOT of people were waiting for this guy)

And some gameplay videos. Gameplay 1. Gameplay 2.

And then the last two to be revealed, since the game is so close to the release date now...

Rocket Raccoon (That small size of his)

Frank West (He's really changed from TvC actually)

And some gameplay videos. Gameplay 1. Gameplay 2.

In an interesting bit of news for UMvC3, a new mode was introduced as well during the time of Phoenix Wright and Nova being revealed... a mode that screams "just for fun". Introducing... "Heroes & Hearlds"

That's it for UMvC3. From this point on, we now wait for the game, as it's now nearly upon us. The game gets released on November 15th this year, and it's already November 7th per this update. Oh boy!

Now for the next set of news. You may have noticed that the ATLF forum link vanished.

... ... ... ... look. It's a really long story. And I don't really feel like explaining it here. It's an ATLF personal problem. Lets leave it at that. Lets just say that it's sad that I get better treatment at a large active community forum than I do at a small forum. Speaking of large active community forums, the ATLF link was replaced by the Capcom Unity link. Have fun with that.

Last, but not least... new comic update. Whee.

Message Update:  Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wait, what? An update on time!? Well, the latest episode didn't take very long to make. There's also the matter that I was actually able to rip myself away from Gears of War 3 for awhile and focus on other things. Slow updates in the future are still expected though, especially once I'm in college for those classes I've decided I want to take.

Message Update:  Sunday, October 2, 2011

Well, updates are still coming in slow as expected. I blame Borderlands and Gears of War 3 for being really distracting and fun... and of course real life matters. No news on UMvC3 today guys, but I've got a new episode up for your enjoyment. ... ... geeze, it's already almost Halloween again. Wonder if I'll actually get a Halloween episode up this time?

Message Update:  Thursday, September 15, 2011

So... change in plans. Since my current computer is giving me issues on using Flash CS4, I'm going to have to ignore making the Season 1 opening flash for the time being. To make up for the fact there haven't been any updates in awhile during that time, there's a new episode up via the start of a new, and final, chapter. (Final chapter for Season 1 that is) Also, new character reveals for UMvC3.

Iron Fist (Looks really fun to play as)

Vergil (OMG! SO MUCH HHHHHHHHYYYYYYPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! The one new character I'm looking forward to playing as the most. I'm sorry Zero, but you may end up getting replaced by Vergil and he'll be teaming up with Dante and Felicia instead)

And here's some gameplay videos. Video 1. Video 2.

Also, I'm now finally considering getting Street Fighter X Tekken. Having seen the new modes released for it, I have just about every reason to get it now. Scramble mode? It's MUGEN all over again! Both characters of the team are out at once, which leads to another mechanic... CO-OP GAMEPLAY! AAAAWWWWW YEAH!

Message Update:  Saturday, August 20, 2011

Well, I got two new things up actually. But before we dig into that, I've got Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 news for you guys. Reveal trailers for them characters that were on the leaked list are up... well... two of them anyway.

Marvel: Dr. Strange

Capcom: Nemesis (... Nemesis's level 3 is creepy...)

Anyway, in terms of the website itself, the tutorial section is finished. Also, a new filler episode went up to boot, talking about the latest UMvC3 stuff. Go read it and have fun ladies and gentlemen. ... ... ya know... I think I've noticed something. Are "Mystic Legends" and "Heroes Inc" the only two sprite comics left still updating?

Message Update:  Sunday, August 07, 2011

The episode that finishes up Chapter 6 is now up. Not going to lie. At this point, it may be a long time before a new episode gets put up. Between the onslaught of upcoming games in November (and a little before that month), getting the tutorial section made, getting the opening flash animation for Season 1 up, making new sprites for characters that are finally going to get more involved, updating backgrounds for the series when possible, AND finally considering turning over a new leaf in my life and heading off to college, (Surprise! I have yet to attend college, and I'd like to do that while I'm still young) it sounds like I'm going to be VERY busy, making it so that comic updates come in SSSSSLLLLOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW...

My first order of business though will be to update the tutorial section, as that'll give you guys a guide to making your own sprite comic while I'm busy with other stuff. That way, we can continue to get entertainment via you guys, the fans. Yes, sprite comics have died out since 2007, but some are still running, like this one.

Before anyone asks what I intend to do at college, I'm looking at improving upon my art and computer software knowledge... ESPECIALLY my art knowledge. I really, REALLY want to draw good stuff, and it's gotten to the point where if I can't seem to get anything good going myself, then I'm going to get college to help me with that. Actually, there's a lot of things I want to learn at college lately, so I'll be looking into that soon I hope. Hopefully, in about 5 to 10 years from now, I'll be making hand drawn pictures of my characters and other series characters that I'm actually satisfied with, along with improved knowledge in web design and what not. Heck, depending on what I learn, I may very well dive down the paths of Web Design or Animation for a job. We'll see though.

Until then, once the tutorial section is up, I'll let you guys know via a news post here, and then... well... see you guys again... whenever. :P (Unless you're in contact with me via MSN. I'll also visit the forums I go to every now and then to see what you guys are up to)

Message Update:  Monday, August 01, 2011

I almost didn't get this episode finished in time, heh. Oh well, it's up now.

I've got nothing to really talk about this time around. So instead, for those who are watching UMvC3 closely, I suggest you take a look here and keep track of the changes made to every character so far... so you know what to expect when you get the updated title. As the very beginning of the post says, take any and all of these updates with a grain of salt though, as these may not even be the final changes to the game yet. Said current tweaks to the characters and such may change AGAIN in the final release.

Message Update:  Sunday, July 24, 2011


Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 was confirmed!

... honestly, I was kinda hopping they wouldn't do anything like that... releasing it as a disc only release I mean. But hey, more characters, more stages, and lots of other stuff is getting added, so yay! As a result, I made a filler episode to go with this. It mostly just covers who I'm looking forward to the most, based on what was confirmed AND leaked.

Message Update:  Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's been awhile since I talked about MvC3. Let me say here and now that there's A LOT of rumors now going about saying that there'll be a SMvC3 of some sort. At this point, I'm starting to think it's likely too. Speaking of MvC3, I found an awesome Hagger/Arthur/Felicia combo video.

Combo Video

I know it's strange that I updated on a Thursday, but I'm going on vacation and won't be back until Monday. So I'm getting the latest episode up now before I set off. Enjoy!

Message Update:  Saturday, July 9, 2011

Well, I managed to get another episode up. I don't really have much to say for the general news today either. Happy late 4th of July though everyone. I meant to get a 4th of July episode up, but I just didn't feel like putting one up this year.

Message Update:  Sunday, July 3, 2011

So I recently picked up the game "Cross Edge". After all this time, I can't help but wonder why I doubted this game. It's freaking awesome! Screw what those "official critics" say! To be honest, I only recognize the Darkstalkers characters in this game, but that didn't stop me from making a team of which I only have one Darkstalker up front while the rest of the front line party consists of other series, ha ha. (Said Darkstalker up front is Felicia, for those curious... who also happens to be my strongest unit right now in terms of stats and equipment) I could go on about this, but I'll save it for the forum commentary. For now, enjoy the latest episode.

Message Update:  Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another two weeks without an update? Oh boy! Guess I'll just have to make up for that with three daily updates! Yeah. You heard right. :P

Anyway, before anything else, I can't believe I forgot to make a link to this video. Cool Ubisoft worker remix! At the same time, I can't help but feel sorry for this man. He was trying really hard to get the audience excited, but it was just DEAD. ... well... and at least half his jokes didn't interest me either. But still, the amount of flak and flames I've been seeing in the youtube comments about this man... this is as bad, if not worse, than a particular event I recently saw on a forum I go to. Geeze, cut the man some slack already. >_>

Yes, videogames have kept me distracted by quite a bit lately, along with other things I need to be focusing on. But speaking of videogames, if any of you have ever wanted to game with me lately, now would be a good time to ask, especially if it involves Borderlands... and perhaps even Team Fortress 2, as I got that lately too. Speaking of... guess what? It's FREE. Team Fortress 2 recently became FREE! I cannot stress it enough. If you've always thought about trying it, but never wanted to get it back then, GET IT NOW! It's... freaking... FREE!

Message Update:  Sunday, June 12, 2011

What's this!? No update last weekend!? ... well, I did give fair warning about Borderlands keeping me distracted didn't I? Anyway, go and read the episode first before you read today's main news? Why? You'll see why. Just go.

... done reading the episode? Alright then, here's the news:

E3 2011

You know it. It's happened. E3 has come and gone. So now it's time for me to go over what I'm looking forward to from this year's E3. First up...

Microsoft: Really? Not much was revealed during the Microsoft conference that interested me. Heck, they were the most boring one at E3 this year. Kinect has interesting features yes, but still... Related specifically to Microsoft though, I'm looking forward to these two games:

Gears of War 3
Halo 4

Sony: Not much revealed during this conference that interested me. Though combined with the games that are also coming out on the 360, here's the games I'm looking forward to:

Final Fantasy XIII-2
Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
Assassin's Creed Revelations
Saints Row: The Third

Nintendo: They dominated E3 this year. Seriously. They just introduced their new system, the Wii U, along with a NEW SUPER SMASH BROS! Aside from that, here's the games I'm looking forward to from Nintendo:

Paper Mario 3DS
Kirby Wii
TLoZ: Skyward Sword
Kid Icarus Uprising

There's more from Nintendo, but I don't feel like clogging up the list with too many game trailers. With that... I'm pretty much done. I don't have much else to say beyond this. Thanks for listening!

Message Update:  Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I normally don't update on Tuesdays, but I forgot to put this episode up yesterday. That being said, I feel the need to point out that I did just get Borderlands recently, and thus, I'll probably be heavily distracted from the comics for awhile. It's been awhile since I gave the comics a rest anyway. Maybe I'll quick have the will to finish up Chapter 6 here with more weekend updates, considering the fact that Chapter 6 is now very close to being completed, but after that, this comic will definately be getting some rest. And even when I get back into updating, before the comic itself moves on with the story and what not, I'll probably be working on bringing back the "Tutorial" section of the sprite comic section of this website. And perhaps after the "Tutorial" section is made, I'll make that flash opening I've always wanted to make for Story Arc 1, Season 1. We'll see though.

Message Update:  Saturday, May 28, 2011

Oh boy, I just entered a slump in making comics. I guess it's because I'm now getting really pumped for the overly long delayed game known as Duke Nukem Forever. It's only a little over two weeks from being released now. Actually, I've just been in a videogame mood in general lately. Haven't really given myself any time to just sit down and play videogames for awhile after going into comic making overdrive. That being said, there IS a new update today, and maybe one tomorrow or Monday. I'm not sure yet.

Message Update:  Friday, May 20, 2011

Nothing really special to talk about. Before anyone asks, yes, I've been giving Felicia a lot of focus in the comic lately. I realize that. It'll probably be this way for a little while longer too. That being said, after today's episode, tomorrow will have a different character focus, just to change it up for at least one day. Whee.

Message Update:  Friday, May 13, 2011

First off, quick game news update. I have finally decided to pre-order Gears of War 3. However, I'm late to the beta testing event, as the things I really wanted to unlock have already come and gone. (And personally, I'm not all that interested in unlocking Thrashball Cole)

Now for the major news. My co-author partner Cybie is taking off on an important real life event. He'll be gone for a little over a year, which means I'm all on my own for that set amount of time. This is why I should also point out that the last episode "The ATLF Trial" and todays episode were in fact rushed for completion. I wound up cutting out over half the material I meant to use in the ATLF Trial episode, skipping to the end of the session instead. Todays episode doesn't really have much of any cut content, but I still had to rush for its completion before Cybie took off. There were several lines in the episode I made that I actually wasn't fully satisfied with and wanted to re-work a bit, but it's still decent enough and gets the point across.

Alright, without further delay, go ahead and read the episode.

Message Update:  Sunday, May 8, 2011

All I've got to say today is that if things go well today, I'll have another two episode updates to show off after this one. Maybe even three. I've really got nothing much to talk about beyond that though. Just go read the episodes.

Message Update:  Sunday, May 2, 2011

Sorry for the long delay, but the latest episode made and updated today was one of the longest episodes me and Cyb have made this year. It took a lot of work to get this episode done. But now it's finally here. And to top it off, a bunch of other later episodes beyond today's episode has been made as well. In short, this week will practically be "Mystic Legends" week. By that... DAILY UPDATES THROUGH THE WHOLE WEEK! ... almost.

In other news... guys... the latest Duke Nukem game is now only 2 days off. Seriously. Everyone ready to chew bubblegum yet? Oh wait... he's out... :P

EDIT: Oops. They pushed back the release date. Now it's June 14th. Son of a...

EDIT: In another quick news update, Osama Bin Laden has been reported killed recently. Things from this point on will either NOT be pretty... or things will get better. We'll have to wait and see.

Message Update:  Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blarg, I meant to get a new episode up yesterday, but Star Ocean: Til the end of Time has kept me very distracted. Anyway, I've still got 2 daily updates for you guys to view starting today and ending tomorrow. Both are much shorter episodes than Episode 216, which was very heavy dialouge based. Still though, it explained Felicia's position, and it more or less was the official invitation for her into the comic. Did I pull any heart strings that episode? I probably did. It was the most emotional episode I've made recently.

Message Update:  Friday, April 8, 2011

The last general news post was so short, that I just decided to get rid of it for today's update. Anyway, before we get started, I have videogame news to share today. I'm late to the draw on this, but has anyone heard that the game "Megaman Universe" got cancelled? Yeah, really, it was cancelled. The game that we were getting worldwide while Korea gets Megaman Online... got cancelled. Capcom, why are you guys trying to keep Megaman away from us lately? If you aren't going to at least give us Megaman Universe, then bring Megaman Online over here!

Anyway, the comics... Do you remember that I mentioned that I'd probably be on an episode making craze for this month? I wasn't kidding. I've got FOUR daily updates of episodes for you guys to view this weekend, all the way to Monday. Special thanks to Cybie for finally getting an episode done in time before my next three episodes. What are you waiting for? There's lots of reading material ahead, and be sure to check back every day up to Monday this weekend.

Message Update:  Monday, March 28, 2011

Oooppps! Meant to get this episode up yesterday, but Star Ocean: Till the end of Time has kept me very distracted. Regardless, I think I'll be going into a comic making overdrive for the following month. Why? Because my co-author partner Cyb will be taking off soon. Where he's going? I won't answer that. That knowledge will only be passed around by Cyb himself. Due to this, I want to make episodes for him to see before he takes off, and there's also the case of the episode we still have to make together before he takes off. I've only really got the month left to work with, so I'm going to try and devote all my attention to the comics for this month.

... despite the fact that I just got my 3DS too. May not even bother picking it up and playing it for awhile this upcoming month, except to fiddle around with a few things on there. Also, I got Pokemon White and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for those interested. Looking at other DS and 3DS games I can get. I made sure both of my starting games come with multiplayer support, so yeah. Speaking of multiplayer though, anyone looking forward to this game? Strider fans will have flashbacks.

Message Update:  Saturday, March 19, 2011

Before I begin to discuss anything, allow me to point out one of the most beautiful 3D rendered backgrounds that I've ever seen made based off old SNES backgrounds:

You can't tell me that doesn't look beautiful, ESPECIALLY if you've played "Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars". Robert, you've really hit my old SNES days sweetspot this time. I recall playing through Super Mario RPG so many times, why... I must have completed it over 20 times. To this date, Super Mario RPG is still by far the best Mario RPG game I've ever played. Speaking of Mario RPG games though, the sheer fact that the 3DS is getting the next Paper Mario game has made me consider finally getting into handheld gaming again. In fact, by the time you guys are reading this, I may have decided to place my pre-order for a 3DS, along with Pokemon White. I've been out of the handheld gaming department for so long, I've forgotten what it's like to have games that you can take with you wherever you go.

... ... now I want to see a 3D remake of Super Mario RPG...

Anyway, latest episode is up.

EDIT: I forgot to mention this earlier. In a recent surprise while I was reading the commentary to the latest Heroes Inc episode (pictured above), one of the readers commented about the existance of my own sprite comic series. It's nice to know that the popularity of my series is still spreading. :P

Message Update:  Friday, March 11, 2011

I actually didn't mean to keep you guys waiting this long for the next episode. I wanted to get this episode up on Monday, but it wasn't finished when that day came along. I finally got this episode done on Wednesday, but I didn't get around to updating the website to show off the latest comic until today. Why did I want to get it up sooner? Because it's an episode with a multi-choice scenario that affects the main story. In depth, it affects the relationship between Nuke and DMG. Go check it out, and then vote on the forum. I don't know when I'll get around to making the next few episodes. Despite the fact that I'm in a serious comic constructing mood due to where the story is currently at, I've been heavily distracted by "Dragon Age II" and "Okami". So who knows how much time you guys have for voting before I decide to make the next episode. We'll see though won't we?

Message Update:  Sunday, March 6, 2011

So I finally decided to get the game "Okami" after all these years. Now I'm wondering why the heck I didn't get this 2006 game sooner. After seeing "Okami" get a rep in MvC3, along with people suggesting and asking why I haven't gotten this game yet, I decided to finally get a copy of the game just last Tuesday. (Got it for $24) I have to say... this game REALLY DOES play out like a Legend of Zelda game. It's like Capcom's take on the genre. Oh, and the new games don't end there. I've also been currently playing another old game recently bought titled "Valkyrie Profile II". To top it all off, there's the pre-order for "Dragon Age II" that'll be arriving at my house THIS coming Tuesday. SO I'VE GOT 3 NEW GAMES TO PLAY THROUGH! Despite all that though, I still managed to get a single update this week. Enjoy the latest episode.

Message Update:  Saturday, Febuary 26, 2011

For the main news of today, I really don't have anything MvC3 related to talk about. Though given the fact that the game is already out and that the Capcom Unity board is handling this stuff anyway, again, I don't have much to talk about. However, I will mention that "Shadow Mode" is nearly here, and so are the DLC costumes for 6 characters. That's all. Go read the latest episode.

Message Update:  Sunday, Febuary 20, 2011

Sometimes, I even surprise myself. By that, I mean I managed to get in a typical Sunday comic update, despite the 4 previous daily updates. I got more poses for Dracone in the comic by taking what poses of Andrew I already had done and changing them to look like Dracone. Both sprite sheets are still incomplete, and will probably remain incomplete for quite some time, but hey, I'm making progress.

Anyway, even though MvC3 hasn't been out for a full week yet, I feel the need to point out to you guys that SOMEONE ALREADY COMPLETED ALL THE MISSIONS THAT MISSION MODE HAD TO OFFER! (No, not me. I'm still working on that) And he did it flawlessly. With every character. Just... wow. You can find those videos on Youtube. Speaking of that, there's also combo videos of various characters going around... and THEY'RE CRAZY! I learned a few new tricks to playing as Felicia just by watching those videos, going to training mode, and practicing up on those combos. Whee to OTG (Off the ground) attacks to continue beating down the opponent even after they land face first into the ground. I know how to combo as Felicia, Dante, and Zero now, I assure you. It's just a matter of fine tuning my reflexes and seeing if any changes need to be made to how I combo my opponents. Related to crazy combo videos from MvC3, I have two example videos here.



Oh, and just to add to how scary certain characters being buffed from MvC2 to MvC3 can be.

Felicia Combo 1 1000000 damage. No assist. No x-factor.

Felicia Combo 2 1300000 damage. No assist. No x-factor. Full meter.

It'll be fun to pull out these sick nasty combo videos on those who shout out "Felicia is low tier!". Low tier my ***. I'd actually be surprised if she was low tier for MvC3 despite the serious buffs she now has. That being said, screw tiers. I use who I please. There's also the matter that it doesn't matter if a particular character is god or high tier. Doesn't change the fact that every player has their own preferences, and some can't even grasp certain high tier/god tier characters properly. I've said it before, and I'll say it as many times as necessary. There's a character(s) out there for every player. You just got to find said appropriate character(s) for your preferred playstyle. Alright... now with that said, go on and read the latest episode.

Message Update:  Saturday, Febuary 12, 2011

My birthday was yesterday! Whoo! I'm now officially 23 years old. Anyway, I'm going to say here and now that this'll be the last bit of MvC3 news that I deliver before it's released. For those who haven't already noticed, Capcom has been very hush hush about revealing more details from the game lately. This is all because the game is so close to being officially released now. The most news I can deliver about MvC3 today are these gameplay videos that IGN released for various characters. So here we go...

Dante Gameplay

Felicia Gameplay

Zero Gameplay

Amaterasu Gameplay

Ryu Gameplay

Deadpool Gameplay

Spiderman Gameplay

Wesker Gameplay

Dante and Ryu (especially Ryu) needed some video loving, and they finally got some more to work with. Also, fair note if you're still reading this before watching the videos... prepare for many "meow!" and "nya!" moments in the Felicia gameplay video. There's more IGN gameplay videos in the releated links for those interested. Also, the final boss has also been leaked by IGN, who went out of their way to make an "official" character reveal trailer for him. I'm not going to post the link here though. As far as I'm concered, I've given away enough spoilers.

As for this website itself, I've made enough episodes and quips to make a countdown to the release of MvC3 occur, so from here on out, expect at least 4 daily updates... to the day of MvC3 being released. If we're really lucky and things go according to plan, there'll even be an episode update AFTER MvC3 is released by the next day. Why? Because I want to leave you guys something else to speculate about before I get heavily distracted by MvC3.

In minor news, the Chapter 6 picture is now up. Now go read the latest episode, and be sure to check back each and every day for now until MvC3 is released.

PS: Felicia apparently now has a new dash move that makes her invincible to attacks while dashing, and it even allows her to get BEHIND her opponent. This short GIF shows what I mean by that:

Your projectile spam means nothing to her now!

Message Update:  Saturday, Febuary 5, 2011

The results of the voting are in. Go check out the details on the forum.

Anyway, I have more videogame news today here. What? More MvC3 news? NOPE! Not this time. I might have some next update by tomorrow if more MvC3 news comes out tomorrow, but as of right now, there's nothing new about MvC3 to talk about... well... except the fact that the "Episode 4 Trailer" was leaked onto the internet. I won't talk about that here though in the main news section, seeing as how Capcom has been going out of their way to snub all the videos.

The major news I have today is for Megaman fans. I carry both good news and bad news about this upcoming game. First off, watch these trailers:

New Megaman Trailer #1

New Megaman Trailer #2

Gameplay 1

Gameplay 2

The game is titled "Megaman Online". (or Rockman Online depending how you look at it) How appropriate, considering that IS what the game is all about. Guess what? As you saw from the gameplay trailers, it still has the side scrolling 2D run and gun platforming aspect. Only this time... you are NOT alone. Gather your friends and tackle missions TOGETHER! HECK YEAH! This will especially appeal to those who really liked Castlevania: Harmony of Despair. I say that because this IS basically Capcom's take on side scrolling co-op online play. The one major thing to point out here though is that similar to Castlevania HD, you AREN'T actually playing as the real heroes themselves. You're a copy of said hero. I think it'll be easier if I just copy a portion of Wiki info here:

"Rockman Online takes place in the far future, where the characters from the Mega Man and Mega Man X series had long since passed away, including the Maverick threat.

Believing the threat of Mavericks are gone for good, society is taken by surprise one day when a large number of Mavericks began to wreak havoc. In response, the UCA (United Continent Association), initiates the production of copies of X, Zero and Duo, among other heroes, to combat the rampant Mavericks. The UCA went so far as to embed the DNA Souls of the original heroes onto a chip housed within the copy bodies to further enhance their abilities in an effort to make them as legitimate as possible. The Mavericks associated with Rockman Online are actually rebuilt and heavily customized versions of enemies from the past, produced in a similar manner to the X, Zero and Duo copies.

So far the game has four types of playable characters classes: X Type, Zero Type, Duo Type and Cinnamon Type. The playable characters aren't the actual X, Zero, Duo and Cinnamon, but rather a Reploid that can copy the DNA of legendary Reploids and take on their appearance and abilities."

So basically, similar to Castlevania HD, you can have an army of Zeros running around on the map. :3

That was the good news. Now for the bad news... ... this game is only coming out in Korea. ARE THEY SERIOUS!? ONLY IN KOREA!? They'd better bring this game over here! I've been waiting for a Megaman game like this for a LONG time. I finally see trailers for such a game... only to find out that it's only going to available in Korea? FIX THAT CAPCOM. Bring it over here as well.

I'm not sure if I'll have an update up tomorrow, but we'll see.

Message Update:  Tuesday, Febuary 1, 2011

A late night Tuesday update? Seriously? In answer to the question, it's because I got an episode up that includes multi-choice. I can't make the next episode until AT LEAST one vote pours in. (Which won't be hard to do at all really) You all have up until Friday or Saturday before I count the votes and decide how to make the next episode. In order to vote, you MUST be a member of the Mystic Legends forum, as the voting polls are in there. I'm currently thinking of alternate solutions for the other forums I post the comic series at. Just give me some time.

Remember... if you're having trouble signing up for the forum, LET ME KNOW... by E-mail.

Message Update:  Saturday, January 29, 2011

You Capcom developers are kidding me right? This is the third time this month you guys brought out character reveal trailers. Oh well... Time to show off the new videos.

First up, we have...


That giant robot that appeared in MvC2 is back. Hey! That means I can try that infinite combo lock strategy with Felicia! (Assuming it still works like that) For those wondering what I'm talking about, here's a quick video of that.

And then we have...


Yay! Another Darkstalkers character. Though I must express disappointment in the fact that it isn't Jon Talbain. Ah well. I guess if you want to form an entire team of Darkstalker only characters this time around, you'll have to make your team entirely out of female characters. :P

Now here's some gameplay videos of those two:

Gameplay 1

Gameplay 2

Gameplay 3 (Dante has something funny to say when he sees Hsien-ko)

Finally, according to the TV Tropes updates, it turns out that Frank West and Megaman were originally part of the MvC3 roster, but were both axed. Megaman was axed in favor of making way for Zero, while Frank West... is an interesting story. Frank West was in fact about 98% complete, but got cut due to... "problems." That, and they wanted to spend time on making the other characters. Perhaps in the future we'll see both Megaman and Frank West appear as DLC characters.

Now go read the latest episode.

Message Update:  Friday, January 21, 2011

Yes, I realize I didn't update last week. Anyway, I have LOADS of videogame discussion to talk about today. Most of it of course revolves around MvC3, but I've also got news about Final Fantasy today. Prepare yourselves for a long read...

First off, we'll talk MvC3. Also first off, to address the Felicia fans who are annoyed with the fact that she hasn't appeared in many of official video releases of MvC3, allow to point out these quotes from TV Tropes:

"Felicia has only appeared in a few English-language gameplay videos due to her... appearance. Heck, she's the reason why the game's rating includes a "Partial Nudity" disclaimer.

Capcom has pointed out numerous times that the ESRB's marketing material guidelines are the reason Felicia's been noticeably absent from officially-released gameplay videos."

So are we clear on that now? Yes, it's a bit annoying, but there's really nothing we can do about that. If you really want to see her commence various combo frenzy attacks on her opponents, you're going to have to wait until the game is officially released. You can always try to look up combo videos of her via Youtube of course. There's also this video, which takes several characters into a single combo based video. Finally, in reference to what is mentioned in today's comic update, there's also this article that Seth made. Hope that'll keep you Felicia fans happy for awhile.

Also, those who play online fighting games frequently are going to LOVE this article...

And before I go any further, allow me to mention that Dante may very well be considered the most powerful character of this game, considering this quote from the same TV Tropes section:

"Beyond The Impossible: For the record, Seth Killian states that with his 40+ specials in the game, Dante has more special moves than any other fighter in Capcom history. Take a look for yourself."

... yyyyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh... I'm going to need to spend a large amount of time playing as Dante if I really want to master him it sounds like.

Now lets get into the character reveal trailers. Four characters have been announced this month, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of you have already found the videos. For those who haven't or were just waiting on me, here we go:


That's right. Jean Grey was added to the line up. And she has by far the lowest amount of stamina in the game, period. (Confirmed) This is made up for by the fact that she dishes out by far the most damage out of any other character in the game, even going beyond ZERO! She's also the only character in the game to have a level 5 hyper move. If her health bar hits zero when the hyper gauge is completely filled, she's REVIVES herself with FULL HEALTH, TRANSFORMS, AND IS EVEN MORE POWERFUL AS THE DARK PHOENIX AWAKENS! ... however, her health will begin to rapidly decrease upon transforming, so you better make the most of it!

Mike Hagger

Those images we saw online weren't fake. Mike Hagger from Final Fight is in. And boy... does he love to wrestle! Heck, I'm thinking of taking him for a spin, just to put on a Piledriver to Shuma-Gorath. :P And here's a gameplay video of the two:

Mike Hagger/Phoenix Gameplay

Now before we move on to the next two here, I feel the need to point out that these next two characters are UNLOCKABLE characters. You don't get them via DLC. You have to EARN them. Got that? Alright, here we go.

Akuma and Taskmaster

Hey Silver! Yeah! You! The one from ATLF. Rejoice. Your favorite character is in. Now how about some gameplay videos?

Gameplay 1

Gameplay 2

F.Y.I. in order to unlock Akuma and Taskmaster, you have to aquire a certain number of "Player Points". Akuma can be bought for 2,000 PP, while Taskmaster costs 8,000 PP. So there you go.

Finally, I feel the need to point out this little quip from the TV Tropes section of MvC3 as well:

"What Could Have Been: Part of the reason additional Darkstalkers characters were not included was, according to Niitsuma, due to a limited development schedule, but that he wanted to add more characters if he could. In particular, he notes that the American darkhorse Jon Talbain would have been [his] pick."

Considering we have DLC characters confirmed for this game, sometime in the future after the release of MvC3, it's possible we MAY see Jon Talbain as a DLC character. "MAY" being the key word in there. Honestly, I hope it happens.

Phew, finally done with that. Now, before you go reading the latest comic update, here's that Final Fantasy news I wanted to show:

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Official Trailer

They kid you not. There's a sequel coming out for Final Fantasy XIII. I just hope that they actually bring back some of the stuff that made the past Final Fantasy titles good. Seriously, XIII lacked half of the things that made Final Fantasy so good, which didn't sit right with me. Though the battle system made up for it. :D

... phew. Now go read the latest comic update will ya? F.Y.I. there may be a total of three updates this weekend, starting from today. So be sure to check back Saturday and Sunday alright?

Message Update:  Saturday, January 8, 2011

Some more MvC3 videos came out, but for some odd reason, they aren't on the official website yet. I'll give them until the next weekend update for them to get those videos up before I just decide to post links over here. If you want an early view of 2 characters being announced like... 2 days ago, go look them up yourself for now.

Anyway, the first interview has now happened. Kurama did well if you ask me.

Message Update:  Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hey look guys! It's the new year! Huzzah! And now that it's 2011, that means we're only about a month and a half away from the release of Marvel VS Capcom 3! HUZZAH!

Anyway, new comic and all that. Kind of a short one today, but meh. Speaking of the comics, I actually managed to get two made this week, so there'll be another comic update tomorrow. Check in on that will ya?

Also, the developers of MvC3 decided to put out a Christmas Special trailer. Go check it out eh? (Warning, may contain spoilers from the upcoming Episode 4 Trailer)