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Message Update:  Saturday, December 28, 2013

At this point, all I can do is apologize for making you guys wait this long.

I'm sorry.

With that out of the way, I should probably explain what the hell I've been doing this whole time:

As you may have noticed, I updated the main index again, including putting up a new title picture. This is an area I've actually become increasingly concerned about. I've taken web page design classes (college intro classes only at the moment) to try and get better at this stuff. I learned about a nifty feature known as "floats" and wanted to apply that to my main website. Unfortunately, either from an update or simply because my current version of Dreamweaver is too old, I can't seem to get the same effect that I got with my college project. This leaves me concerned about how much knowledge I have in Web Design. I knew I had a lot to learn, but yeesh.

I'm also concerned about how good I am at art these days. I'm actually getting rather tired of working at my current level. If my later episodes are of any indictation, I've been trying new things to keep myself going, and hopefully the new things I experiment with will help improve my art style and make things more exciting for me. Progress has been rather slow in that field though. I'm beginning to think I should find a college art teacher now, but there's so many different kinds of art that I wouldn't even know where to start there. I'm aiming for Anime style art myself, and it's the hand drawn style I'd like to make for the Mystic Legends series. (Animated scenes included)

Finally, there's the HUGE breakdown that occured at ATLF about 3 years ago that left me stunned for about a year and a half. I had almost reached the point of where I said similar lines to a guy in a Newsground video called "The man who won't rhyme". Thankfully, I've mostly recovered from that, and I learned a few very important things about dealing with people/fanbases on the internet because of that.

Those 3 factors combined lead me to a screeching halt on making comic updates. I was suddenly concered that I just wasn't good enough anymore. Something of which I never took the time to really think about before. And before I knew it, I lost sight of why I started the comic in the first place. That reason being that... well... it's fun. Getting better is just part of the road of making a comic, and I'm never going to get better if I don't try right? And so here we are, with a new comic update... finally. It's not a main episode though, but a special one I made for Megaman fans and Capcom Unity, a forum I'm typically seen at these days.

And with that, lets get videogame news out of the way!

First off, I'm late to say these things, but the returning vets Zelda, Marth, AND Sonic have been confirmed for SSB4. And speaking of characters, who here is excited for the newcomer addition of Rosalina? I wasn't expecting her, and I seriously underestimated her popularity, but I'm SO trying her when I get the game.

Cranky Kong being playable in the new Donkey Kong Country game took me by surprise.

... and I think that's all I wanted to say, lol. Nothing new on Tales of Xillia 2. ... and for that matter, pretty much all the new games I want now are coming out in 2014. There's only 2 games left from this year that I want, but I've been biding my time on, which would be The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and Assassin's Creed 4.

Message Update:  Sunday, June 16, 2013

Blarg, I still haven't gotten around to fixing this website. Anyway, I just wanted to cover E3 2013 this year. Quite a few games I'm interested in were revealed this year, making this one of the more exciting years of E3 for me. Lets start shall we?

Coming out for the X-box 1:

Dead Rising 3
Ironically, the only game on the X-Box 1 that I'm really interested in right now. No where near enough to convince me to get an X-Box 1 yet. Not with the practices that Microsoft has going for their new console at least. But hey, new Dead Rising game! Yay!

Coming out for multiple platforms:

Metal Gear Solid 5
I'm willing to argue that this is the best looking Metal Gear game to date. Open world experience? Hell yes!

Assassin's Creed 4
I've always been interested in the Assassin's Creed games. This one is no different.

Watch Dogs
This game looks like a cross between Grand Theft Auto and... well... hacking. Your character in this game is such a pro hacker that the whole city itself is practically under his command.

Batman: Arkham Origins
Batman's very first adventure apparently in the Arkham series. Looks promising, especially since as bonus content, you can play as Deathstroke himself.

Final Fantasy 15
Final Fantasy Versus 13 lives on under a new title now. Appearing for both X-Box One and PS4

Kingdom Hearts 3
What so many KH fans have been waiting for. The next console game of Kingdom Hearts is now finally in the works. Oh? Why is this under the multi section? If I've been reading the news correctly, this game will be out for both the PS4 AND the X-Box One. I know right? Kinda scary that Kingdom Hearts is getting an X-Box release.

Coming out for the PS3:

Tales of Xillia
Surprised they went and showed a new trailer for this game at E3. It was awesome though.

Coming out for the Wii U/3DS:

Mario Kart 8
Always been a fan of the Mario Kart series. And this one even introduces HOVER VEHICLES!

Super Mario World 3D
A 3D Mario game that has 4 player co-op? Sign me up!

New Yoshi's Island
Was wonder when we'd have a new devoted Yoshi game. It's the return of Baby Mario though...

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
A sequel to the first one on the Wii? Awesome. So what have they... IS THAT DIXIE KONG!? HOLY COW, SHE'S BACK!

I can't help but think this is Xenoblade Chronicles 2. But eh...

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Two Worlds
An actual sequel to Link to the Past? SIGN ME UP!

And of course... what EVERYONE was waiting for...

Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U
It's finally revealed... The next installment of Super Smash Bros. And as such, character speculation begins to run rampant again! Also... MEGAMAN CONFIRMED!

End of list.

Once again, Nintendo has snagged the majority of my interest. That's two years in a row you've won me over Nintendo. Special thanks to that X trailer and Super Smash Bros.

Also, I feel the need to point out that I've finally uploaded a play video on my Youtube channel. It was just to show something off to a Capcom Unity member, but if it interests you guys, let me know if I should upload more playthrough videos. I'll try to remember to push the record button every time I pop on a game that I can record.

Message Update:  Saturday, June 8, 2013

Let me just say it here and now. No. I'm not dead, lol. I'm making an update today to let you guys know that. However, my writer's block has gotten stronger than I thought it would. To the point of which it was practically almost a full year before I made another update to this website! Sheeesh. ... also, sorry, but no new comic today. I was just updating today to let you guys know that I'm still alive and kicking. Besides which, I've got so much news to talk about today, that today's news update should be enough for now.

So... to start things off, lets cover my work life. I've been in college lately, as I said I would be in the last news update. As one might expect, being in college really puts a damper on comic updates. A good chunk of the time I used to have is now being spent on college work. I've been meaning to update this website for quite some time now in all of that with not just a new comic update, but a slight overall to the main index making use of the new knowledge I learned from my Web Programming college class. (Introduction class to be precise, but I still learned new things I can apply to this website now) To top it off, I've still got a full-time job. Full-time job + College = Lots of my time soaked up by work. So when I DO get free time, I tend to spend that on just forum browsing and games these days. (I've still got games I want to complete. More news on videogames further down this news update) So it might be awhile longer yet before I finally get a new comic update in. But my work life isn't the only thing holding me back lately...

It's also my low self-esteem issues that have been holding me back lately. Reinforced from my time at the forum ATLF, which considering the things that happened over there, they may as well have just robbed me. I left a detailed rant about why I've come to despise ATLF so much as of late over at Capcom Unity via a blog post. Read it here.

And with that said... now for the videogame news.

I have LOADS of news to talk about here. First off, when the comic updates stopped coming around June 2012, it was because I recently got distracted by an MMO I was trying out that I REALLY came to like. It's called "Dungeon Fighter Online". It was the only MMO game I've played to date so far that used sprites over 3D models. It was also really fun combat wise because just about every skill could be executed as though you were playing a Fighting game. Want to throw out a sword wave? Quarter forward on the control stick + B! You get the rest. Of course, there was the usual hotkey routine too, so you could execute moves with just a push of a button too.

For those thinking of joining though... don't bother. Come 2013, an announcement was made... that DFO is closing down. (At least, the servers for North America) The world came crashing down for pretty much every player there, including me and Cybie, who had just gotten one of our characters on our accounts to level 70 not that long ago, which is the level cap of the game. All those hours we spent... now wasted... In Cybie's case, he even got a second character to level 70. (He spent even more time at the game then me, I swear. And he STARTED later than me) But the moment he got his second character to level 70, that's when he noticed the chatter in the text box. That's how we learned that the game's life was coming to a close. So in the near final moments of the game's life, which will end come the 11th THIS MONTH, I took a screenshot of my favorite characters on my account.

This isn't even all of them. I'm seriously going to miss these guys. You can even see the Archmage I got to the level cap in there. DFO players did get reimbursed their NX credit though (if they spent any) so that they could spend it on other Nexon published games. I turned my attention to Vindictus for awhile on that matter. But that game isn't as addicting to me as the one I'm about to mention...

Right now, my MMO game of focus is the game "Elsword". (I made it a rule to myself to only focus on so many MMO's at once, as they tend to require grinding for EXP every now and then) I even made the "Legionnaires" guild in that game, for fans of the Mystic Legends comic, and even non-fans, lol. So if you've been looking to game with me, try looking for any of these characters down below while playing Elsword.

*Pictures removed due to dead links*

This list is prone to updates. At least 3 more characters will get added along the way at some point.

And that's just covering the MMO news. As for regular games, I've been heavily distracted by Borderlands 2 again thanks to the new character update. I've still yet to complete the latest Army of TWO game. I've still got to finish all the new seasons in Halo 4.... and then there's the new upcoming games this August. If my memory serves correctly, 2 games I want to play are coming out in June this month, and 2 games I want to play are coming out this August too, the first of them being Tales of Xillia. Here's the list:

1: Project X Zone
2: Deadpool

1: Tales of Xillia (First in line)
2: Saints Row 4

I'm also still heavily distracted by Fire Emblem Awakening on my 3DS. Best... Fire Emblem... game... ever if you ask me. Quick question for you viewers! Who'd you have YOUR avatar character marry? I went and had my avatar marry Nowi, for the sake of having a powerful dragon family, rawr!

There's also other upcoming games for us to look forward too. Anyone psyched for news on the next installment of Super Smash Bros? Nintendo has confirmed that we'll be finally getting official news of the new SSB game at this years E3, so there's that. It's also only a few days away from today's udpate. GET HYPE!

Lastly, this bit of news was probably the most shocking one to date. Hey you Hatsune Miku fans out there! Yeah, the fans of this girl:

How many of you people believed that her games would remain Japan only games? Raise your hands.

... well, Sega just made a huge surprise announcement not too long ago. Well I'll be damned, they're actually localizing one of her games! Project Diva F (the enhanced edition if I recall) is coming to the USA for the PS3! I know a certain friend of mine who's probably going to squeal over this news.

... and I think that's it for now. Again, I'm not dead, lol. Just... been busy. As for Mystic Legends itself... well... I hope I'll be getting a comic update in soon. Maybe. We'll see.

EDIT: It appears the latest update to the main webpage caused it to get seriously messed up. Another reason to get around to adjusting the main index on the next update..,

EDIT 2: Derp, must get my facts straight. Deadpool and Project X Zone are coming out THIS month. Not August.