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Message Update:  Sunday May 8, 2016

Wait. I'm alive? For realz!?

Yes, I'm still here, ha ha. Still though, 2016 and STILL no new updates to my website in terms of the comic? I wish I could say I was working on some huge secret project here, but quite frankly, I've just been BUSY with all sorts of other things. In particular, my job life. I ended up suffering quite a bit in the job world and I've been focused on getting back on track on that world, so that I don't end up suffering to the point of not even being able to afford my food bills. Speaking of updates, this website is now SERIOUSLY due to for an upgrade in the HTML coding and web design department, due to the advances of the Dreamweaver program and all that. I know I could just start hard coding the website from here on, but I hate having to hard code when I don't have to. It takes way longer to build a website that way IMO. I know why hard coding exsits and why it's important for game designers and web designers to understand it, but programs like Dreamweaver exist for a reason. That said, there's one other big offender as to why I haven't updated in a long time... Final Fantasy XIV. The first MMO I've ever played to actually draw my attention away from both other free time things and EVEN OTHER VIDEOGAMES to the point of which each time I now type "/playtime" into the chat window of FFXIV, I make myself sad. D:

Speaking of Final Fantasy, anyone looking forward to FFXV? I say it's about bloody time we got that game. Lets hope it doesn't pull a Duke Nukem forever on us. That also said, I haven't posted any videogaming related news in quite some time, but I'm too late on most of that stuff now anyway. To sum it up, Cloud Strife in SSB4, Bayonetta in SSB4, Star Fox Zero, Star Ocean 5, TMNT: Turtles in Manhattan, and more I don't feel like listing here right now.

I'd like to talk more about it, but instead, I have something more important to bring up. It concerns this website. For some odd reason, all the search engines are now blacklisting this website, and it's annoying me greatly. I did a manual check with some help to see if the webpages got hacked in some means, but I turned up NOTHING on that. I'm tempted to call up Google to run another scan on this website to figure out why they think this website has malware on it, but I'm going to try and fix this with a particular strategy first. I've taken down every HTML file from this website and re-uploaded them all. I've also removed certain images that were linked in from other sites due to not being availabe anymore or for other reasons. Lets see if that does anything. As such, changes were made to some of the pages. "Forum Pictures", "Art Gallery", and "Gamertags" were all stripped down for now. The "Forum" button now just leads to my Capcom Unity profile, since a new Mystic Legends forum still hasn't been made yet. My own Gamertags (including my FFXIV profile) are now found here on the main index page along with the news.

More details about why Mystic Legends hasn't updated will be posted at some point down the road with an actual new comic update. It'll mostly NOT be related to what's going on with this website as of right now.

Friday June 17th EDIT: Took me awhile to notice, but fixed a broken link in the Affliates box.

... Is it kind of sad that this is my only 2016 post?